Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS-Flame & Graphite Furnace)

Model: AAS-9000
It has flame and graphite atomizers, incorporating their features. Users can switch atomizer quickly based on test needs to ensure best test effect. AAS 9000 (with graphite furnace auto sampler) and AAS 9000-M (without graphite furnace auto sampler) adopt flame and graphite atomizers, with better universality. In serial light path design, it realizes automatic switch between two atomizers, and delivers stable and reliable test.

Technical Parameters

    Host machine
    Monochromator:                                 Czerny-Turner
    Wavelength coverage:                      190nm ~ 900nm
    Wavelength accuracy:                      0.25nm
    Wavelength repeatability:                  < 0.10nm
    Spectral bandwidth:                           auto-switch among 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.7/1.4 nm
Flame system
    RSD(Cu):                                            < 1%
    Detection limit (Cu):                         < 0.006ug/mL
   Characteristic concentration (Cu):  < 0.025g/ml/1%
   Static stability:                                    0.003 Abs
   Dynamic stability:                               0.005 Abs

Graphite furnace system
    Temperature control range:              room temp. - 3000C
   Heating rate:                                        3000/s
   RSD (Cd):                                             =2% (for auto sampling)
   RSD (Cd):                                             = 5% (for manual sampling)
   Detection limit (Cd):                           = 1pg


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