AutoDigiBlock Sample Preparation

Model: S60/S30

Brand                            LabTech
Model                           Auto DigiBlock S60/S30
Material                        Graphite with Teflon coating
Temp. range                 RT~230C
Temp. Accuracy          0.1C
Modules                       Dual/Single
Sample Qty.                 60/30
Racks                           4/2
Temp. Uniformity      1C
Reagent channels        6 channels (support all acids including HF, clean each channels every time
                                    before acid adding,cleaning times and volumes can be set ? 
Volume accuracy       1%
Flowrate accuracy      1%
Fumehood                   Yes
Filter                            Standard-HEPA(Easy replacement)
Shaking for mixing     Yes (shaking speed can be set)
On-line Video             Option
Remote Monitor         via  IFI    Option (Support IPAD )

LabTech AutoDigiBlock sample preparation system combines the advantages of digiblock digestion with the automated functions by LabTech-developed software workstation. It is designed to relieve the analyst from druggery and monotonous repetition of routine tasks wihich happen in the digestion of a large quantity of samples and subsequent dilution/acid evaporation. Instead of completing the whole digestion process, the analyst just need to weigh and add properly samples to the digestion vessels, and set the automated digestion procedure with workstation, press Start and done. AutoDigiBlock will automatically and accurately perform all the repetitive processes including reagent adding, shaking well, heating, lifting up, cooling down, and keeping volume constant etc. At the end of the run, samples are treated and ready for the further analysis.

It features high effiiciency, safety, stability and green.

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