Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)

Model: GC-MS 6800
GC-MS 6800 is a cost-effective gas chromatograph mass spectrometer provided by Skyray Instrument. The
products  hold several patented technologies, and are widely used in industrial inspection, food hygiene
environmental protection.,
                  GC Specification
Inlet temperature:                                   Max. 450 C
Pressure range:                                      0-100psi,0.002psi
Pressure control mode:                          Electronic pressure control (EPC), support CV and CC
Split mode:                                              Split/splitless, max. split ratio: 1000:1
Column oven working temperature:     Room temperature +4C~450C
Heating rate:                                          Up to 120C/min
Temperature programming:                 7 stages/ 8 platforms
Auto Sampler:                                       Optional

MS specification
EI source ionization energy:                5 eV ---250 eV (Adjustable)
Mass range:                                          1.5- 1000amu
Resolution:                                           Unit resolution (full width at half maximum)
Ion source temperature:                      100-350C
Filament emission current:                   0-350 A
GC-MS Interface Temperature:           Max. 450C
stability:                                                 0.10 amu/48 hrs
Sensitivity:                                            Full scan, 1pg OFN at m/z 272 with S/N =30:1 (RMS)
Scan rate:                                               Up to 10000 amu/s
Vacuum:                                                Turbo molecular pump (67 L/s)
Detector:                                               High-energy dynode electron multiplier


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