Heating Block

Model: ED16
Model: ED36
Model: EDH36
Model: ED54
Model: EHD20
Model: ED16S
K type separate controller
iTouch separate controller
Model: ED36S
Technical parameters
Polypropylene digestion vessel (50ml/130C)
Glass digestion vessel (50ml/100ml/150ml/450C)
PTFE digestion vessel (50ml/210C)
Digestion brackets
Separate Controller
Separate Control of DigiBlock

With LT control terminal, you can use built-in software by touching the screen to control the DigiBlock. The software is user-friendly and powerful, and you can establish and change parameters on-line, realizing programmable temperature control of the whole digestion process.
At the same time, the LT control is flexible and compatible with many other heating products. It can be connected with other products to monitor the heating processing.

Features of K type sepatate controller:

K type separate controller
4 steps heating programmjing
10 methods storage
Hige temp.accuracy
High/low temp.alarm
Features of iTouch separate controller:

iTouch separate controller

Multi-user administration function
Thousands of methods storage
20 steps heating programming.
Temperature heating rate and temperature holding time are all editable.
Automatic indication of acid adding function
Display real ramping curves simultaneously, data acquisition, automatic storage
High/Low temp. alarm
Support SD memory card, USB etc.
Log management function, previous data can be reviewed anytime

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