Extrapid manual SPE instrument

         SPE methods mainly include cartridge and disk types. Because of high fluid permeability and high adsorption ability, disk SPE is especially suitable for the separation and enrichment of trace compounds in a large volume of samples. The traditional cartridge SPE is more suitable for small volume sample of food, pharmaceutical, life sciences.

The Labtech manual SPE instrument, Extrapid, applies cartridge & disk types in the same unit for the treatment of both large volume and small volume samples, so it has more application benefits.

Technique Features

Liquid channels switching
Patented designs of exterior and switching channels ensure the convenient and efficient switch between sample collection and waste discharge.
During operation process:
No need to reopen the vacuum chamber.
No need to frequently switch on/off of vacuum pump.
No need to wait for venting and moving collection bottles
No need to drain the waste liquid and clean vacuum chamber.
Four channels can be used individually or simultaneously
Support 1ml,3ml,6ml SPE cartridge and 47mm,90mm SPE disk membrane
Control valve ensures accurate flowrate and high reproducibility.
Sample load flowrate: 1ml/min-45ml/min
Anti-corrosive designed parts exposed to solvent are made of PTFE or stainless steel, which can resist the corrosion by organic   solvent like DCM.
Dimension  520mmx265mmx445mm Weight  12Kg

Standard Configuration
  Extrapid SPE                   
40Ml Collection bottle
Clamp ring
4L Waste liquid bottle
RAPID DISK47mm C18 disc
500mg/6mL C18 column
VP50 vacuum pump (0.085MPa, 50L/min)   

Optional accessories
10L  waste liquid barrel ( Nalegene USA)
1L    sampling glassware device
20L  waste liquid barrel ( Nalegene USA)
90mm C18 SPE disc
90mm SPE disk adapter


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