Energy Dispersive  X-Ray Fluorescence   (EDX)

Model: EDX3200S
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Designed for elemental analysis of petrochemicals , Crude Oils , Liquid element analysis:

Technical specifications

    Measurable elements:         P-U
Analysis range:                  5ppm-99.99%
Simultaneous analysis:       elemental analysis of petroleum, crude oil and liquids
Detection limit:                  15 ppm (5ppm when helium gas is filled)
Analysis accuracy:             15% when elemental content <100ppm
                                         10% when elemental content =100ppm
Forms of object:                liquid

Model:   EDX3600B
Deliver professional full-element analysis of cement, steel, minerals, plating thickness and hazardous elements (RoHS).

Technical specifications

Measurable elements:                      Na to U
Range of element content:              1ppm-99.99%
Ability of simultaneous analysis:     24 elements
Plating thickness measurement:       more than 11 layers, up to 0.005m each layer
Analysis accuracy:                          0.05%
Forms of samples:                          powder, solid and liquid

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